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Properties of nylon modifier

The properties of nylon modifier are as follows:

Nylon is famous for its unique strength, toughness, heat resistance, wear resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and is widely used in machinery, automobile, electronics and other fields. However, it has high water absorption. After long-term exposure and absorption mixing, its mechanical properties decline a lot, its size is small, its stability and electrical properties are poor, which limits its use to a great extent. It has always been a subject in the plastic industry to develop better modified materials by blending polyolefin with nylon with very low water absorption. It is difficult for nylon to combine with polyolefin directly. Therefore, the common method is to graft maleic anhydride (MAH) onto PE molecular chain to introduce anhydride group closure. It can react with amino groups at the end of PA molecule to realize the reaction volume increase. EVOH is also a compatibilizer. Nylon has high strength, high polarity and high barrier property; ethylene has softness
Low polarity, oil resistance and very low water absorption, and easy to heat processing. EVOH acts as a compatibilizer to combine nylon and polyethylene, and it is also a high barrier resin. The combination of these three materials has high barrier, chemical resistance, high and low temperature resistance and good mechanical properties, so it has a wide range of applications. EVOH resin can be recycled, so it can reduce the wood yield. PE / EVOH / PA / EVOH / PE five layer coextrusion film can be re pelletized into PE / EVOH / PA / EVOH / PE modified material, which can directly modify nylon with the addition ratio of 5% - 20%.


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