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EVOH barrier material

  EVOH is the most widely used high barrier material. In addition to the non tensile film type, there are biaxial tensile type, aluminum evaporation type, adhesive coating type, etc., and the heat-resistant type is also used for aseptic packaging products.

EVOH barrier material

  The barrier performance of EVOH depends on the ethylene content. Generally speaking, when the ethylene content increases, the gas barrier property decreases, but it is easy to process.

  EVOH is characterized by excellent gas barrier and excellent processability. In addition, it has excellent transparency, gloss, mechanical strength, scalability, wear resistance, cold resistance and surface strength.

  In the field of packaging, EVOH is made into composite film intermediate barrier layer, which is used in all hard and soft packaging; in the food industry, it is used for aseptic packaging, hot cans and cooking bags, and for packaging dairy products, meat, juice cans and condiments; in non food, it is used for packaging solvents, chemicals, air conditioning structural parts, gasoline barrel lining, electronic components, etc. In food packaging, EVOH plastic containers can completely replace glass and metal containers. Many domestic aquatic companies use PE / EVOH / PA / rvoh / PE five layer coextrusion film vacuum packaging for seafood export. At the same time, EVOH stretching orientation is also studied in foreign countries. The gas barrier performance of the new EVOH film is three times higher than that of the existing high-performance non stretched EVOH film. In addition, EVOH can also be used as a barrier material on other synthetic resin packaging materials to enhance the barrier performance.


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