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How to choose vacuum compression bag

  The selection method of vacuum compression bag is as follows:

  1、 Look at the material

  The first thing to buy a vacuum compression bag is to see the material of the compression bag. The general pet + PE bag has good adhesion. It is also the material used in the bag now, also known as high-strength composite film. However, the disadvantage of this kind of vacuum compression bag is relatively brittle. Another is the common mope and PVC compression bags in supermarkets. The bags made of this material have poor adhesion and are easy to leak. They are particularly soft and feel better than other bags. The above is not recommended. At present, the best vacuum compression material is PA + PE. The bag made of this material has good flexibility, high adhesion and is not easy to leak. However, the cost of PA + PE is higher. Therefore, there are not many compression bags with this material.

  2、 Look at the thickness

  The thickness of vacuum compression bag is represented by "silk". Generally, the thickness of vacuum compression bag ranges from 6 to 8 wires. The larger the number of wires, the thicker the bag is. Generally choose vacuum compression bag, choose 6-8 wire is better, because this kind of bag thickness is moderate, not because of too thick and show the bag too hard, too brittle. It will not be scrapped in a year or two because the bag is too thin. Generally, 6-8 silk PA + PE bag can be used for about 5 years. Taili now uses reinforced PA + PE material to produce 6-wire vacuum compression bag, which is both soft and durable. It is the only vacuum compression bag that can be so thin and durable in the market

  3、 Look at the specifications

  The purchase of vacuum compression bag depends on what you need to hold and how big the bag is, so as to avoid too much waste and too small to hold. The following is the introduction of several commonly used specifications of vacuum compression bag. Small size 45 * 70 * 40 * Vacuum bag


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