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What is the difference between PE nylon coextrusion bag and

The differences between PE nylon coextrusion bags and composite bags are as follows:
PE film is a kind of polyethylene film, which has low strength, soft and good elasticity. However, its anti puncture and scratch resistance are not good, and the transparency is not very good. Many PE films are used as protective films, and the last one is discarded, which is cheap. Nylon (PA) is a kind of polyamide membrane, which is often called nylon. Fiber is its biggest use. However, there are many differences in the properties of extruded composite film of nylon film after extrusion And other non plastic co extrusion film materials.
PE nylon, coextrusion bag
Nylon (PA) is a kind of polyamide film, which is often said to be nylon. Fiber is its biggest use. However, I don't know much about the film. I have seen the opaque film. The mechanical properties of the film are very good, but it is not easy to process. It is relatively hard and the price is higher. Plastic composite bags are generally composed of BOPP and co extrusion film, BOPP and PET composite, etc. Composite bags generally have two or three composite, composite bags are generally color printing, printed in the middle of the two kinds of film, generally tear the edge of the composite bag welding will appear two or three layers, this is the composite bag. Ordinary bags are printed on one layer of surface, which can be scraped off with a knife, but not by composite bags. Composite bags are expensive, ordinary plastic bags are cheap.


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