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Analysis on the current situation of flexible packaging indu

  In the packaging industry, flexible packaging has become one of the most important packaging forms in shelf sales with its gorgeous colors, rich functions and various forms of expression.

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  The progress of domestic flexible packaging industry has greatly promoted the development of food, daily chemicals and other industries. The development of these industries in turn has further stimulated the demand for flexible packaging market, making the flexible packaging industry obtain huge market power.

  With the development of functional flexible packaging materials and the continuous improvement of processing technology, flexible packaging is playing an increasingly important role in many fields. This paper introduces the basic situation of domestic flexible packaging industry. The domestic flexible packaging industry has a history of more than 20 years. Over the past 20 years, the domestic flexible packaging industry has developed rapidly from small to large. At present, it has reached a relatively mature stage, showing an obvious trend of collectivization and scale. The world's first-class printing enterprises are speeding up their development in China by means of absolute holding, new wholly-owned production enterprises and holding companies, and mergers and acquisitions of Chinese advantageous enterprises.

  Domestic flexible packaging color printing enterprises are aware of the crisis and huge opportunities, and also adopt various ways to expand the scale of the industry, and develop to the marginal field of the industry. At present, the overall development level of the flexible packaging industry in the mainland of China is higher than that of Russia and other Eastern European countries, and also higher than that of other Asian countries except Japan and South Korea, and is basically equal to the development level of the flexible packaging industry in South Korea and Taiwan Province of China.

  The main gap between the flexible packaging industry and the developed countries lies in the product standards, middle and high-grade modern packaging materials, especially in the development and production application of special and special functional packaging materials.


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