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Current development trend and characteristics of plastic pac

The 21st century is a century of environmental protection. Environmental problems are becoming more and more important, and resources and energy are becoming more and more tense. Plastic packaging materials will meet new opportunities and severe challenges. In order to meet the requirements of the new era, plastic packaging materials should not only meet the requirements of market packaging quality and efficiency, but also further require them to save energy and resources, and easy to recover profits after use Using or easy to be degraded by environment is the starting point of technology development. Therefore, plastic packaging materials are developing in the direction of high performance, multi-function, environmental protection adaptability, using new raw materials, new technology, new equipment and expanding the application field.
High performance, multi-functional plastic packaging materials have become popular packaging materials in many countries, and some products have been put into industrial production. This kind of materials include high impermeability, multi-functional preservation, and the selection of air permeability, heat resistance, aseptic (antibacterial) properties, as well as anti rust, deodorization, shape memory, re sealing, easy to open and other plastic packaging materials. Among them, the development of multi-functional preservation and aseptic packaging materials with high impermeability will become the focus of development in the early 21st century.
In addition, today is the information age, electromagnetic waves of various frequencies and wavelengths spread all over the earth space. These electromagnetic waves have different degrees of interference on electronic components, circuit boards, computer communication equipment, etc., resulting in data distortion and communication disorder. The static electricity generated by electromagnetic induction and friction will destroy the high-voltage discharge of electronic components, instruments and meters due to the accumulation of static electricity. Therefore, the development of antistatic and conductive flexible plastic packaging materials has a broad development prospect.


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