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The origin of blowing film

One of the most important components in the production of blown film is the blown film head. With film cooling and metering control, it can ensure high productivity of extruder and high quality of film. Recently, the improvement of film cooling is an important direction for many companies to improve their technology.
For example, K-Design, based in K? Nigsworter, has introduced a novel counterflow wind ring. An air flow is pre cooled by the opposite direction of the film entering the film. The upper air flow is simultaneous interpreting the other cooling needs of the film with the traditional double lip wind ring. This new method can significantly improve the performance of the production line, and because of its improved bubble control, the mechanical properties of the film are also optimized. W & H recently launched its single station opticool air ring system, which is said to have better cooling performance than the dual air ring system.
In order to achieve extremely fast cooling rate, W & H's aquarex can also be used. The special water-cooling technology is adopted for the film bubble of this down blowing wet three-layer film blowing production line. With this method, high transparency can be obtained, which can meet the needs of medical and other industrial applications. As a whole, multilayer film has established its own position in the field of consumer goods packaging, especially in the field of food packaging. 5-layer thin films have gradually become the standard, while 7-layer and 9-layer composite films are still relatively few. More layers of thin film, there is a new technology is gradually accepted by the market. Market Research and development of new die technology, can produce almost unlimited number of layers of film.


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