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Is vacuum compression bag easy to use

  Whether the vacuum compression bag works well or not:

  There are a variety of vacuum compression bags, it can not only liberate your wardrobe, it is unique dense

  The sealing design can also achieve the effect of moisture-proof, insect proof and clean preservation

  Shrink to 1 / 2. Vacuum cotton at least to 1 / 3. Down quilt is better. 50x70cm small two pack can hold more than ten baby clothes or summer clothes 80 × 60cm medium two pack can hold more than ten coats, or thin quilt one 70 × 100cm large two two pack

  It can be packed with one winter thick quilt or one or two thin quilts 90 × 80 cm super large

  It can only be filled with extra large quilts or thin quilts. 2-3 layers of high deposition film are familiar with. It is Nylon + polyethylene (PA + PE). This material is the premise to ensure no air leakage, but its disadvantages feel a little brittle. Note: do not buy mope or PVC, needless to say. PNC is not environmental protection, mope adhesion is not good. Generally, there are more air leaks. But the advantage is that it is particularly soft and feels better than it He's better. We don't want to buy bags of material.



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