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Processing technology of screw barrel

  The processing technology of screw barrel is as follows:

  It may be caused by one of the following conditions: the temperature of plasticizing raw material is too low, there is a hard object between the barrel and the screw, the V-belt is slipping, and the transmission gear or shaft is broken, which should be handled according to the relevant contents in Items 1 and 2.

  1. The screw and barrel wear too fast

  (1) The working face hardness of screw and barrel is low

  1) The material selection of the two parts is improper. Alloy steel with high temperature resistance, small deformation and wear resistance shall be selected

  38 made by crmoala.

  2) The heat treatment process of the two parts is wrong and the surface hardness is low. The hardness value of screw should be 700

  The hardness of the machine is above 940hv.

  2) Plasticizer problem

  1) There are many impurities in raw materials, such as sand or metal. The cleaning material should be replaced.

  2) The special screw with high hardness and wear resistance should be selected as the plasticizing reinforcement modifier (glass fiber in the material).

  2. The porous plate is vulnerable

  (1) The raw material is unreasonable, and the melting degree of raw material is high, the fluidity is poor or the temperature of plasticizer is low. The plasticizing temperature of raw materials should be increased or the materials with low viscosity and good fluidity should be replaced

  (2) The structure of porous plate is unreasonable

  1) The strength of porous plate is low due to improper selection of material or too small thickness scale. The alloy steel should be replaced or the thickness of the plate should be increased.

  2) If the diameter of the molten material is too small and the resistance of the material flow is close to large, the diameter of the hole should be increased and the angle of the hole at the feeding end should be inverted.

  3) The holes are not distributed properly. The distribution of the holes should be improved so that the resistance of the central hole and the edge hole on the porous plate to the molten material passing through is nearly equal.

  (3) High resistance of filter screen

  1) There are too many impurities in the plasticizing melt material, which block the filter screen and increase the resistance of molten material flow. The impurities should be removed by sieving before putting into production.

  2) The mesh number and layer number of filter screen are large, which makes the flow resistance of molten material increase. The mesh number and layer number of filter screen should be reduced appropriately.

  Screw barrel

  3. It is difficult to feed the barrel

  1) The raw material in the hopper appears "bridging" phenomenon, and the raw material can not automatically fall into the barrel. The raw material condition in the hopper should be checked frequently or forced feeding device should be used instead.

  2) The temperature of the feeding section at the hopper seat or the tail of the barrel is too high, and the raw material in the barrel is affected by the high temperature, which binds the screw and rotates with it. In addition, the inner surface of the barrel in this section is too smooth, the molten material cannot move forward. The flow rate of cooling water should be increased and the temperature of feeding section should be reduced. If necessary, the inner circle with longitudinal groove should be used on the inner surface of barrel feeding section.

Screw barrel

  4. There is abnormal noise in the barrel when it is working

  1) There are too many impurities in the raw material or there are hard objects in the mixer barrel, which causes the filter screen to block or the hard object rubs with the barrel to make a sound. The screw plug should be removed to remove foreign matters, the filter screen should be replaced, and the screening raw materials should be selected.

  2) The plasticizing temperature of raw materials is low or the resistance of filter screen and porous plate is too high. The plasticizing temperature of raw materials should be increased and the porous plates with larger pore size should be replaced if necessary.

  3) The barrel or screw is deformed and bent. Refer to 4. In this section for reasons.

  4) The fixing screw connecting the barrel and the barrel base is loose, which makes the barrel move. The fastening screws of the barrel should be re tightened.


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