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What are the properties and uses of common light stabilizers

 ?、?2-hydroxy-4-n-octyloxy benzophenone. Also known as UV-531. It is light yellow powder with melting point of about 48 ℃, soluble in acetone, benzene and ethanol, insoluble in water, with little toxicity; it has good compatibility with resin and low volatility, and can be used as light stabilizer for various plastics. Its dosage is not more than 1%.

  (2) 2 - (3 ', 5' - di-tert-butyl-2 '- hydroxyphenyl) - 5-chlorobenzotriazole. Also known as UV-327. It's light yellow

  Color powder, melting point about 155 ℃, low toxicity, high temperature resistance, good chemical stability, good washing resistance, suitable

  It is suitable for olefin resin and epoxy resin. The dosage is 1% ~ 3%.

 ?、?Nickel bis (3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxybenzyl phosphate monoethyl ester). Uv-2002, also known as uv-2002, is a light yellow powder with a melting point of about 190 ℃. It is a nickel chelating light stabilizer containing phosphorus in organic nickel chromium complexes. It is suitable for common resin molding film, and has certain anti oxygen and flame retardant effect, the dosage is not more than 1%.

 ?、?Bis [2,2 '- thiobis 4 - (1,1,3,3-tetramethylbutylphenol) nickel]. Also known as am101 quenching light stabilizer, green powder, toxic. It is suitable for forming films in polyolefin resins and can improve processing properties, but it can not be used in white and transparent 54 benzoate 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine. Also known as uv-744, powder, melting point of about 93 ℃, low toxicity, hydrolysis resistance, no coloring. It is suitable for polyolefin resin, can block the continuation of oxidation reaction and play a role in light stability.

  (3) The function of antistatic agent is to prevent or eliminate the static electricity on the surface of the products after adding the additive in the resin for plastic molding.

Light stabilizer

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